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"LOVE DOWN UNDER" A passionate love story between a jellyfish and a fish. Printed book for children, 16in. x 5.5in. Pencil, chalk pastels and Photoshop.




"SEA3ONS" an animation, divided in 3 parts, about a future affected by Global Warming where depression is the main theme. Pencil, charcoal and chalk pastels.




"51 EXPRESS" A narrative based in 2051 involving a train journey from New York to Montreal, where climate change has had severe affects on human behavoir. Chalk, pencil, cutout paper.




"CABARET" a collection of drawings inspired by the Cabaret. Pencil, chalk, gold ink.




"NANCY" an animation about a confusing conversation between two people about a girl named Nancy. Pencil, chalk, collage.




Storyboard idea for Radiohead's music video "Nude". Photography , ink.




Character designs of supernatural creatures for a children's book 30in. x 10in. Watercolor.




"Everything" an animation for the awareness of Global Warming. Chalk pastel.